Parts Exchange Policy

Please note that this page is part of our entire Terms and Conditions.

Many rotable components, accessories and instruments are available on an exchange basis.
This means that many items can be purchased from us at a reduced rate in exchange for your core.
We offer exchange units under either or both of two conditions:
  1. We quote a basic exchange price which includes normal overhaul parts and labour. Additional parts, reworks and labour required beyond normal overhaul are invoiced additionally. You will be advised of your maximum liability in event of non-return of core unit or your core unit proving to be unacceptable per conditions detailed below, or is beyond economic repair.
  2. We quote a fixed-price exchange price. You have no further liability, except if you fail to return a core unit, or if the core unit does not meet the conditions detailed below. This liability is noted on your quotation.
Your core unit under either condition 1 or 2 above must be “as removed from aircraft”, fully complete and assembled.
Apple International Inc. Ltd. reserves the right to reject any core unit for reasons such as, but not limited to: fire damage, incident/crash related, submersion, cannibalisation, excessive corrosion, FOD, subject to AD’s/SB’s/CEB’s, poor handling or previous repairs.
Core units must be accompanied by a removal tag displaying component details, life status, nature of defect/reason for removal, as well as the serial and registration # of the aircraft it was removed from. Where relevant, historical service records or log cards showing adequate history must be furnished. Core units must also have a valid data plate (where applicable). Core pricing is based on a repairable core with the same model and part number as the unit being supplied.
The core unit must be returned within 14 days of receipt of the supplied component unless we extend prior authorisation for later return. A fee of 4% of core liability / deposit per week or part thereof may be applied to unauthorised late core returns.
Core units must be shipped prepaid of all shipping and export charges.
Non-account customers will be required to lodge prepayment of exchange price + core deposit with us prior to delivery of the exchange component. The core deposit will be refunded less any supplementary charges under condition 1 and in full on receipt of a satisfactory core under condition 2.