Pre-Buy Inspections

pre-buy inspections
As an FAA Authorized Repair station in Bristol, Tennessee, we can cater for your pre-buy inspection requirements in the USA, Europe, and beyond! We have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to offer on the Bell® 206® series and 407® helicopters. With our keen eye for even the smallest detail we can provide valuable insight into potential issues and help with negotiations.
Our thorough pre-purchase inspection includes a complete physical analysis of the aircraft and records, general assessment of the condition inside and out, a review of any defects and ‘problem areas’, cross reference against component records, a review of the compliance status of ADs and ASBs, and more. We understand that you need complete confidence in the any aircraft you’re considering purchasing before you can seriously commit.
We always look to go the extra mile and can offer complete support before, during, and after the purchase of your new aircraft. With decades of experience in aircraft sales, contracts, escrow, shipping & loading, and much more, we’re confident we can provide total peace of mind throughout.
Please contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help!