Helicopter Refurbishment & Upgrades

Apple International offers upgrades and modfications on the BELL® 206® & 407® series helicopter. We can handle everything for you, inside and out, all the way up to a complete refurbishment. Over the past four decades we have produced and sold more refurbished JetRanger® & LongRanger® helicopters to the USA, Europe, and beyond than any other company in history. Utilise our knowledge and experience to achieve the perfect aircraft for your exact mission requirements. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.
Our refurbishment programmes can transform your existing helicopter. Many choose refurbishment as a cost-effective solution to introduce a new addition to their fleet, revitilise their old workhorse, extend service life, as well as increase resale value. We work closely with our customers to fulfil their refurbishment or upgrade requirements with a personalised service that retains affordability and excels in quality.
We can fully design custom paint and interior, as well as offer you comprehensive options to configure your helicopter to your exact specifications. We are able to install practically any accessories, avionics, or equipment; from Light Weight pop out Floats, to Winches, Night Suns, Nite Scanners, Wedge/Bubble Windows or Infra-Red Cameras – the list is endless. We are also proud to be able to install and certify a new Auto Pilot to the BELL® 206® and 407® Series helicopter with auto stabilisation, please enquire.
We will provide a full and detailed quote so that you can choose what you think really needs to be done, and break everything down so you can see what work will be carried out and where. We will also provide our best advice and recommendations for any work that should be or may not need to be carried out, as we know where other refurbishments fail. We’re confident that you’ll struggle to find the difference between a new helicopter and one of our complete refurbishments, apart from a huge saving of course.
Helicopter refurbishment is one of our fields of expertise, and we have proven time and time again that our methods, alongside appropriate caution, ensures nothing will fail or need attention for a long time to come. This provides an immeasurable advantage of long term cost reductions from those unexpected repairs and maintenance, including losses from unexpected down time!
Have any questions? Ready for your next smart investment? Contact us to discuss and find out more.
Paintwork & Interior Division.
Apple International has its own top quality paint and interior shop. We pride ourselves on what we believe to be some of the best helicopter re-sprays in the world. We may have many imitators, but there are certainly no equals. Our refurbished BELL® Helicopters are all over the world, and they stand out way above the rest. Although we specialise in BELL® Helicopters we will provide competitive quotations for full or partial re-sprays on any helicopter.
We are also famous for our first class interiors; we can fully or partly refurbish your helicopters interior or we can supply kits for dispatch world-wide. We completely re-upholster the seats, using only the original frames. The materials available are several fine grades of leather, fabric or part leather & fabric.
Seating refurbishment example2
Carpets refurbishment example
Carpets refurbishment example
Paint stripping refurbishment example
Helicopter Paintwork
Custom Paint Schemes
Whether you’re simply looking to match company colours or to provide a unique competitive edge, we’re ready to work with you on a custom paint scheme design for your helicopter that suits you. We can work from a pre-existing BELL® paint scheme or design one from scratch for all models. Colours can, of course, be customer choice and we can also design/enlarge any logo if required. Our paint scheme designs are very high quality and produced to a very high standard. We can also produce a visual 3D representation so that you can see your design come to life before any work has been started – 3D proof fees may apply. Contact us today for more information and to see what we can do for you.
Here are some examples from previous work that we have completed. We will present your scheme design in an aesthetically pleasing way with corresponding DuPont® Aviation Finish Colour Codes and custom Logos & Decals applied where necessary. We have reduced the image quality here deliberately to avoid theft. If you have any questions or wish to know more then please contact us.
Paint Scheme 1
Paint Scheme 2
Paint Scheme 3
Paint Scheme 4
Paint Scheme 5
Paint Scheme 6
Paint Scheme 7
Paint Scheme 8
Paint Scheme 9
Paint Scheme 10
Paint Scheme 11
Paint Scheme 12
Paint Scheme 13
Paint Scheme 14
Paint Scheme 15
Paint Scheme 16
Paint Scheme 17
Paint Scheme 18
Paint Scheme 19
Paint Scheme 20