Helicopter Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul

BELL® 206® and 407® Helicopter Service & Maintenance
Apple International Inc, FAA Repair Station # 1A1R131B, is approved for Bell 206 and 407 helicopter service and maintenance in Bristol, Tennessee, USA.
From our state of the art fully equipped hangar facility we offer helicopter mechanical support. Coverage includes Tennessee, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and beyond.
We have cost effective solutions for your next scheduled or unscheduled maintenance & repairs. We can help keep you flying for less, while our enduring attention to detail will ensure everything meets the highest standards of quality. Your records will be kept pristine and we offer to hold a backup copy just in case you were to misplace them.
As well as providing onsite mechanical support, we can come to you to carry out certain helicopter repair work. We can also travel further to provide insight and certain services such as pre-buy inspections.
  • Air Conditioning & Heater Installs
  • Sheet Metal Repair
  • Window Installation
  • Field Repair (Worldwide)
  • M/R Blade Tracking
  • Add-on Kits
  • & Much More!
Apple International is also able to offer hangarage for your helicopter, either overnight or on a long term contract basis. Ask us to find out more.
We specialise in the 206® and 407® series helicopters & components. We offer a full range of overhauls, inspections, bench testing, clean & polish, and non-destructive testing (NDT). Our average recertification turnaround time is only 1 working day (subject to the condition of the part) providing an excellent solution to AOG requirements.
All overhauled components are supplied with an FAA 8130-3 Release Certificate and a 6 Month Warranty. We offer 30 days net terms, available subject to status.
Replacement parts available from stock
We hold a vast selection of parts, accessories and equipment at our facilities in the USA and the UK. This adds to our ability to minimise down time and help get you flying again as soon as possible. We supply competitive pricing for parts sales, exchanges and rental. Please see our parts sales page for more details.
Contact us with any questions or requests. We can arrange to personally visit you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate how we can maintain your helicopter to the highest standard at minimal cost.
We can take care of all your 206 Overhaul needs Please call 423-652-0206 or email parts@appleheli.com

Bell 206 LongRanger Work Example

  • Swashplates
  • M/R Hubs
  • T/R Hubs
  • Exhaust stacks
  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Flight steps
  • and more…
Bell® Crank Overhauls only $180 USD
includes repainting, bearing replacement, and fresh 8130-3
Please call 423-652-0206 or email parts@appleheli.com
(does not include cost of replacement bearings)

Possible Part Numbers include (Jetranger) 206-001-502-005, 206-001-502-006, 206-001-522-001, 206-001-526-001, 206-001-527-001, 206-001-527-005, 206-001-538-005, 206-001-538-009, 206-001-702-001, 206-001-702-005, 206-001-702-009, 206-001-705-001, 206-001-705-005, 206-001-707-001, 206-001-712-001, 206-001-756-001, 206-001-756-005, 206-001-756-009, 206-010-790-001, 206-010-790-003, 206-031-446-001, 206-031-552-001, 206-061-722-001, 206-061-734-001, 206-061-742-001, 206-061-742-003, 206-062-717-001, 206-062-723-001, (Longranger) 206-001-547-001, 206-001-547-002, 206-001-547-005, 206-001-547-006, 206-001-548-001, 206-001-551-001, 206-001-552-001, 206-001-563-001, 206-001-563-005, 206-001-563-009, 206-001-563-013, 206-001-702-005, 206-001-702-009, 206-001-705-005, 206-001-707-001, 206-001-707-009, 206-001-712-001, 206-001-763-001, 206-001-903-001, 206-001-904-001, 206-001-904-005, 206-001-906-001, 206-032-411-007, 206-063-714-001, 206-063-721-001, 206-064-701-001


Bell Crank Overhaul -before


Bell Crank Overhaul -after

Exhaust Stack Overhauls only $220 USD
exhaust stacks polished to gleam, and fresh inspected 8130-3
Please call 423-652-0206 or email parts@appleheli.com
(does not include cost of any welding)

Possible Part Numbers include (Jetranger) 206- (Longranger) 206-


Exhaust Stack Polish -before


Exhaust Stack Polish -after