We’re a Robinson Service Center!

We’re happy to announce that we are now an Approved Robinson® Service Center at our FAA Repair Station in Bristol Tennessee!


Helicopter Service & Maintenance

BELL® 206®  &  407®   and Robinson®  R22® & R44®

Spanning 4 decades we have been BELL® Helicopter specialists, and we’re excited to add the Robinson® R22® and R44® to our belt now that we’ve become a Robinson® Service Center.

Contact us for a quote on your next scheduled or unscheduled maintenance & repair requirements to discover how we can help you retain affordability without compromising on quality.

Mobile Maintenance!
We know it’s not always possible to get down to our state of the art FAA Repair Station in Bristol Tennessee, so we’ll do our best to bring our expertise to you. Please contact us to discuss how we can save the day.

•  Air Conditioning & Heater Installs
•  Field Repair (Worldwide)


•  Sheet Metal Repair
•  Window Installation

•  M/R Blade Track & Balance
•  Add-on Kits.     & Much More!



Apple International
367 Industrial Drive, Bristol, TN 37620 United States
+1 423 652 0206.      FAA Repair Station # 1A1R131B
We’re a Robinson Service Center!