About us

Apple International originated in the UK and dates back to the eighties, when the owner recognised a need and a market for completely refurbished helicopters. It was clear that although mechanically sound many helicopters were in very poor cosmetic condition. At inception, and following some intensive research, it was decided that BELL® Helicopters would be the speciality, in particular the BELL® 206® series and BELL® 407® helicopters. Apple set up a new helicopter refurbishment and sales facility in Bristol Tennessee in the USA in 2005 having operated in that area for nearly 25 years.
The 206® series of Helicopters, the JetRanger® and LongRanger®, have proved to be the most reliable, cost effective, comfortable and most importantly the safest aircraft in history.
The Company was re-branded Apple when it opened a new facility in the USA in 2005, prior to that we traded as R & M International and have produced and sold more refurbished JetRanger® and LongRanger® helicopters in Europe and beyond than any other Company in history.
We now span four decades as the leading Supplier of Refurbished BELL® Helicopters, and our attention to detail is unmatched. We are acutely aware of our customers demand for quality at a competitive price and our limited warranty on pre-owned refurbished helicopters is unique in the industry. We can either purchase or broker helicopters from anywhere in the world with prompt inspections and competitive offers. For helicopter related enquiries please contact us on sales@appleheli.com.
Apple International is truly a one stop, unique state of the art facility for the supply of fully refurbished BELL® Helicopters including a full range of accessories and equipment for all helicopter missions. The quality of our refurbishments to pre-owned BELL® Helicopters is tried and tested for well over a quarter of a century and is truly second to none.
We will either purchase or broker helicopters for sale from anywhere in the world, please contact us on sales@appleheli.com. Prompt inspections and competitive offers.
We also supply the world from our enormous stocks of new, overhauled or serviceable parts, accessories and equipment – with huge savings over new price. We hold many new, serviceable and spare parts for sale in our facilities across USA, Europe and the Far East – many of which are available to purchase outright or exchange. Additionally we stock a large range of components and avionics for rental or sale either outright or on an exchange basis. We will keep you flying under all circumstances. Please take a look at our stock/inventory listing on our web site and request a quote using our online RFQ service or contact us direct on parts@appleheli.com.
In 2017 we proudly became an Authorized Robinson® Service Center, adding the Robinson® R22® and R44® to our maintenance capabilities.
Thank you for viewing our web site. We are not satisfied with status quo; your satisfaction creates our reputation. Please allow us to be your first and only choice for all of your helicopter needs.
About us