Spanning four decades as the leading supplier of Refurbished BELL® Helicopters.
Your source for BELL® Helicopter spares, including Agusta®, Airbus®, M/D® and Robinson® Helicopter spares.
FAA Repair Station#: 1A1R131B.   Bell 206 and 407 series helicopter approved.
Need an FAA 8130-3 Authorized Release Certificate for a BELL® 206® or 407® part?We offer re-certification inspections & bench testing to issue a fresh FAA 8130-3*.
  • Average re-certification turnaround time is 1 working day.
  • Fast turnaround for new accessory installations (e.g. Windows, Cargo Hooks, Landing Gear etc.)
  • Helicopter Storage also available.
  • 30 days net terms available subject to status.
We Price Match
Apple International will beat or meet competitor pricing. If you get quoted a better price for a same condition part then let us know so you can take advantage of our price match scheme.

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We can take care of all your 206 Overhaul needs Please call 423-652-0206 or email

Bell 206 LongRanger Work Example

  • Swashplates
  • M/R Hubs
  • T/R Hubs
  • Exhaust stacks
  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Flight steps
  • and more…
Bell® Crank Overhauls only $180 USD
includes repainting, bearing replacement, and fresh 8130-3
Please call 423-652-0206 or email
(does not include cost of replacement bearings)

Possible Part Numbers include (Jetranger) 206-001-502-005, 206-001-502-006, 206-001-522-001, 206-001-526-001, 206-001-527-001, 206-001-527-005, 206-001-538-005, 206-001-538-009, 206-001-702-001, 206-001-702-005, 206-001-702-009, 206-001-705-001, 206-001-705-005, 206-001-707-001, 206-001-712-001, 206-001-756-001, 206-001-756-005, 206-001-756-009, 206-010-790-001, 206-010-790-003, 206-031-446-001, 206-031-552-001, 206-061-722-001, 206-061-734-001, 206-061-742-001, 206-061-742-003, 206-062-717-001, 206-062-723-001, (Longranger) 206-001-547-001, 206-001-547-002, 206-001-547-005, 206-001-547-006, 206-001-548-001, 206-001-551-001, 206-001-552-001, 206-001-563-001, 206-001-563-005, 206-001-563-009, 206-001-563-013, 206-001-702-005, 206-001-702-009, 206-001-705-005, 206-001-707-001, 206-001-707-009, 206-001-712-001, 206-001-763-001, 206-001-903-001, 206-001-904-001, 206-001-904-005, 206-001-906-001, 206-032-411-007, 206-063-714-001, 206-063-721-001, 206-064-701-001


Bell Crank Overhaul -before


Bell Crank Overhaul -after

Exhaust Stack Overhauls only $220 USD
exhaust stacks polished to gleam, and fresh inspected 8130-3
Please call 423-652-0206 or email
(does not include cost of any welding)

Possible Part Numbers include (Jetranger) 206- (Longranger) 206-


Exhaust Stack Polish -before


Exhaust Stack Polish -after

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We span four decades as the leading Supplier of Refurbished BELL® Helicopters, and our attention to detail is unmatched. We are acutely aware of our customers demand for quality at a competitive price and our warranty on pre-owned refurbished helicopters is unique in the industry. We can either purchase or broker helicopters from anywhere in the world with prompt inspections and competitive offers. For helicopter related enquiries please contact us on
We also supply the world from our enormous stocks of new, overhauled or serviceable helicopter parts, accessories, equipment, components, and avionics – with huge savings over new price. We hold many new and serviceable spare parts for sale in our facilities in the USA and the UK, available for rental, outright purchase or on an exchange basis. We will keep you flying under all circumstances. Please send your RFQs to Apple is not an authorized distributor of new Bell® helicopters or parts.

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