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Premier BELL® Specialists

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Specialist In:

BELL® 206® & 407® Series Helicopters

"The BELL® JetRanger Helicopter statistically is the world's safest aircraft."

Price Match

Apple International are Price-Matching NOW
With our Price Match Scheme we are the cheapest parts supplier on the internet.

Apple Celebration

Grand Opening at Apple International Inc. in the USA.Apple Celebrates

Service Center

faa-pic-holdingFrom its state of the art fully equipped hangar facility, Apple International Inc, is able to offer high quality helicopter mechanical support to customers in the South East United States (Covering parts of Tennessee, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky) for the first time. We predominantly specialize in the maintenance of BELL® helicopters, but do cater for all makes & models. As well as offering you mechanical support in Bristol we can come to you to carry out certain helicopter repair work.

Full Services Offered

  • First Class quality service with highly experienced mechanics and technicians always available.
  • Avionics repairs, upgrades & full installations.
  • Component Overhaul and component exchange service available.
  • Mobile service Unit, we can come to you to service or repair your helicopter (under certain circumstances).
  • Helicopter Interior refurbishments, new upholstery, carpets, plastic trim, anything and everything.
  • Total helicopter refurbishment inside and out, mechanical and cosmetic.
  • EMS Helicopter Interiors Fitted
  • Helicopter window replacements, all models.
  • All sheet metal repairs by experienced personnel.
  • Helicopter Accessories, supplied and installed.
  • Tracking and balancing, we have the latest equipment & skilled personnel, gets your helicopter flying really smooth.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about our full range of quality services & competitive rates.

Recently Completed Projects

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