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BELL® 206® & 407® Series Helicopters

"The BELL® JetRanger Helicopter statistically is the world's safest aircraft."

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News and Events

Grant Holt & Adam Drury visit Apple:

Norwich City Football Clubs Star striker Grant Holt and long serving defender Adam Drury recently visited Apple International UK, at our facility near Norwich. We had been given the opportunity to give them a demonstration flight in one of the company helicopters.
Below you can see pictures of them in the BELL® Helicopter and with our team.

NCFC Picture 1 NCFC Picture 1

NCFC Picture 2 NCFC Picture 2

NCFC Picture 3 NCFC Picture 3

NCFC Picture 4 NCFC Picture 4

NCFC Picture 5 NCFC Picture 5

NCFC Picture 6 NCFC Picture 6

Apple International at Helitech 2011:

Us at Apple International were showing off our new product - PMA'd Tension Torsion Straps for BELL® Helicopters. There was quite a lot of interest and everything was far more helicopter orientated than it was at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The three day event went quite smoothly; with many different companies across many sectors of aviation from many countries all looking around and showing off what they can do. The weather was absolutely outstanding, especially for the time of the year, and I think the heat made everyone start pulling at their ties whilst enjoying the light mooded atmosphere the sun brought. We stood at stand 1713, with our associates from Jac-Heli and Airwolf, whilst showing off our beautiful 1978 JetRanger just outside.
Here are some pictures from the Helitech Grounds:

Our Stand, Helicopter, and pictures from around Helitech:

Static Helicopters and Displays:

Apple International's Goodwood Experience:

Goodwood has been opening its massive 12,000 acre estate up to the public for festivals for over 200 years; they have shown many festivals and held numerous events, but one of the most exciting is the Festival of Speed.
Although the festival doesn’t hold the usual sporting events that the Goodwood enthusiasts love to see; they have lots of interesting shows and displays all around the area.
They include car racing, showrooms and concept cars; motor bikes, mini motos, bmxing, mountain biking, dancing, flight and racing simulators, various food and drink stalls from all around the world, pleasure rides, and most importantly the Aviation exhibit.
Some of the most impressive displays from companies based all around the world with different styles of helicopters and aeroplanes, flying, flying lessons, air displays including the Red Arrows and the Vulcan Bomber Jet, and a lot of different vintage war planes - some of which you can even get a ride in!

Considering 2011 was only the 2nd year the Aviation Exhibit took place in Goodwood there was quite a good turnout, despite the lack of advertising or acknowledgements towards the Aerodrome.

Us at Apple International put up a Marquee at the Goodwood Festival of Speed from June 30th to July 3rd, as we thought being the second year running of the Aviation Exhibit, it's good to get there while it's still fresh and whilst everybody's excited to see it.

Our display of the Jet Ranger was definately as good as planned, it was the largest display helicopter in the Aerodrome, and the paint job looked magnificent.
There were a lot of stars walking through the aviation exhibit to get to their rides, from getting out of their Helicopters or Planes, so we had a a lot of people to advertise to.
Although the Aerodrome was not full of people, we are hoping in the next few years the awareness will go up, and we will be able to put a stall up and sell some parts or even one of our helicopters.

We have taken many pictures of the Jet Ranger we had on sale and our Marquee, let us know what you think!
Here are some pictures of different places around the Goodwood Grounds:

Our Helicopter and Marquee:

Aviation Displays:

Other Features and Events:

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