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Premier BELL® Specialists

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Specialist In:

BELL® 206® & 407® Series Helicopters

"The BELL® JetRanger Helicopter statistically is the world's safest aircraft."

Price Match

Apple International are Price-Matching NOW
With our Price Match Scheme we are the cheapest parts supplier on the internet.

Apple Celebration

Grand Opening at Apple International Inc. in the USA.Apple Celebrates

Helicopter Parts Purchasers

World-Wide Parts Purchase.

Parts Storage PictureApple International Inc. Ltd purchases helicopter parts from all over the world - for very fair and competitive prices. We normally inspect the helicopter part within 48 hours of agreeing a purchase subject to survey. The full amount of the purchase price is paid without any delay or complication. We handle all the paperwork. We are an excellent buyer of all BELL® Helicopter Parts specialising in the BELL® 206® JetRanger & LongRanger series and the BELL® 407®.

We will either fly, containerise or road freight the parts home once the transaction is complete and the seller has received the full amount of the agreed purchase price.

We will purchase one or a collection of helicopter parts from anywhere!

We will also take any part as partial exchange for parts we have for sale in our inventory.

Call us if you have BELL® Helicopters for sale, again we will travel world-wide to purchase from a single helicopter to an entire fleet!

Would you like to Offer a part you have For Sale?
If so then Click here to use our Online Parts Offer Feature.
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